GMC Annual Work Conference 2020
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On December 25, Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd. (GMC) convened the Annual Work (Video) Conference 2020 in the auditorium on the 8th floor of the GMC Building. It was chaired by Deputy General Manager Liu Yugui, and members of the leadership team, the Board of Supervisors and the Auditor's Office of GMC, chief and deputy leaders of various departments and offices of the headquarters, main party and government leaders of directly affiliated enterprises, and representatives of advanced collectives and individuals were present at the main venue, and members of the leadership teams of directly affiliated enterprises and heads of administrative and publicity departments were at the branch venue.   Cui Yanlun, Deputy Director of Guangzhou SASAC, and Wang Baosen, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, attended and addressed the conference. 

At the conference, Liang Huqing, Party Secretary and Chairman of GMC, made a 2020 annual work report entitled Fighting against the Epidemic, Promoting Development and Becoming a Fortune Global 500 Company. The report reviews the main work in 2020 in aspects of Party building, epidemic prevention and control, market expansion, project construction, scientific and technological innovation, prefabricated construction, intelligent construction, talent construction, and social responsibility, analyzes the existing problems, and further requires that in 2021, we should firmly grasp the "12345", namely one center, two supports, three approaches, four guarantees and five focuses, under the guidance of the general idea of annual work.

One center: high-quality development 

Two supports: strengthening scientific and technological innovation and promoting prefabricated construction

Three approaches: expanding regional market, strengthening project performance, and building core teams

Four guarantees: strengthening party building, promoting party style and clean government, ensuring safe development, and properly performing epidemic prevention and control

Five focuses: speeding up transformation and upgrading, promoting innovation and excellence, implementing mergers and acquisitions, improving qualifications and strength, and fulfilling social responsibilities 


General Manager Zhang Yujiang made a report on the production and operation work of GMC in 2020 entitled Improving Quality and Efficiency by Reform and Innovation & Promoting High-quality Development. The report reviews and summarizes the work in the aspects of promoting epidemic prevention and control, making relentless efforts in the main business of engineering construction, improving development quality, advancing reform and restructuring, and optimizing the main business structure. Moreover, it proposes the work plan for 2021 according to the planning layout of GMC, which requires efforts to strengthen market expansion, properly perform project construction, increase project benefits, develop digital construction, enhance innovation ability, improve credit ranking, promote merger and restructuring, create excellent investment projects, and vigorously prevent and control risks.
Deputy Director Wang Baosen fully affirmed the achievements made by GMC in 2020 and its outstanding contribution to Guangzhou's housing construction and put forward three requirements for GMC's work in 2021 from the perspective of industry supervision, namely, continuing to be the main force in Guangzhou's urban construction, acting as a good leader in digital construction in Guangzhou, and playing a leading role in Guangzhou's construction industry and creating the gold brand of GMC. 

Deputy Director Cui Yanlun also fully affirmed GMC's achievements in 2020, especially its efforts in promoting innovative and high-quality development, and its outstanding contribution to maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets. In addition, he expressed his encouragement and support for the development of GMC and put forward four requirements for the work in 2021, namely, continuing to exert our strength by closely focusing on the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the three-year action plan for state-owned enterprise reform, strengthening Party building to lead development, improving quality and efficiency to promote development, and enhancing capital operation to facilitate development. 

All organizations and departments were required to seriously study and understand the spirit of the conference. In 2021, we shall adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, focus on the work objectives of the "Year of Quality and Efficiency", implement various measures of reform, development and innovation, ensure the completion of the annual work tasks, strive to promote GMC to rank among the Fortune Global 500 enterprises early, and make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of Guangzhou for it to realize new vitality of the old city and the "Four Excellence & Innovation Campaigns". 

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