Cultural and Art Center of Dalang
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The Cultural and Art Center of Dalang is about to be shaped. The winning designer of the project, Guangzhou Design Institute (GZDI), subsidiary to Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd., gives a creative name to the project, "a treasure box of culture".  
A Panoramic Bird's Eye View (Southeast)

Project Overview

Sited in Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the project contains the performance art center, library, art gallery, citizens' center, youth's center and auxiliary works like exterior greening, with a total floor area of 120,000 square meters. The project is designed to be a large complex integrating functions of art performance, exhibition, education & training, library, creative product show, and cultural exchanges.

A Rendering of Night View

Design Concept

A Treasure Box of Culture

A concept of "a treasure box of culture" is conceived when designing the Cultural and Art Center of Dalang. The "treasure box" image will be materialized with a silvery framework, and each of the themed halls will appear vividly like being drawn out from the "treasure box".  The architectural structure, though disorderly arranged, blends well with the surrounding green land, and is divided into multi-level courtyards in its inner space. 

Concept Analysis  

Lingnan Cultural Conservation

The cultural elements in the architecture of Lingnan, or the south of the Five Ridges, a part of South China, are presented by greyish white stone wall and slightly curved roof. Multi-leveled space arrangement in the courtyard helps improve the ventilation and natural lighting. 

A Rendering of Square in the Southeast 

City Guest House, a Palace of Art  

Upon entering the City Guest House, visitors will feel like being in a welcoming palace of art.

A Rendering of Square and Main Entrance 

Upon completion, the project will help Dalang and the Songshan Lake area improve the public cultural service system substantially, and become a new cultural landmark in both Dongguan and the Greater Bay Area. 

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