Guangzhou Liede Wastewater Treatment Plant (Phase I) Project
Project introduction
  • Honor
    2002 National Municipal Golden Cup Demonstration Project
  • Contractor
    Guangzhou Engineering Contractor Group Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Liede Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase I was commenced in August 1995 and completed in June 2002 at a cost of RMB 303 million. Phases I and II cover an area of 390,000 square meters, with a total design treatment capacity of 750,000 t/day. The project adopts the A-B two-stage activated sludge process suitable for the meteorological conditions of Guangzhou area, and the series or parallel process is flexible, significantly improving the wastewater treatment capacity by 26%. The general layout is reasonably zoned, realizing compact arrangement, smooth process flow, short process pipeline, and large landscaping area. As for the automatic control system, a distributed control system (DCS) SCADA/RTU structure at the international advanced level, CCTV communication system, and industrial computer terminal are set in the central control room. And this together with field measurement and control industrial computers, PLC measurement and control unit, and test instruments form a measurement and control network integrated in the centralized monitoring system of each front pumping station, in order to ensure the wastewater treatment performance, improve the management level, and keep the wastewater treatment plant running safely and economically.
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