TaiKoo Hui Business, Hotel and Office Building Project
Project introduction
  • Honor
    2014-2015 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize
  • Contractor
    GMC and China State Construction Engineering Corporation
Participated by Guangzhou 1stConstruction Engineering Co., Ltd.

It mainly consists of a basement, a podium building, a cultural center and three towers. It is a large-scale comprehensive building.The project covers an area of about 45,000 square meters with a construction area of about 472,000 square meters.

The basement and the podium building are mainly reinforced concrete frames. Steel trusses, long-span concrete rigid beams and 40-meter long-span prestressed beams are locally adopted for the podium building. The cultural center is mainly supported by a steel frame to the west of Axis 14 and reinforced concrete to the east of Axis 14. The roof is equipped with steel trusses to lift some suspended floors at the west end. The tower is composed of a reinforced concrete frame, a core tube and rigid concrete columns. Prestressed concrete two-way floor slabs are used locally in the hotel. 
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