Sun Yat-Sen University Library
Project introduction
  • Honor
    2006 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize
  • Contractor
    Guangzhou 2rd Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Participated by Guangzhou Hengsheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Electromechanical Installation Co., Ltd.

Designed by Guangzhou Design Institute

The Sun Yat-Sen University Library project in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center is located on the northwest side of Xiaoguwei Island, Panyu District, Guangzhou. The project started on October 10, 2003 and was completed on September 1, 2004.The total construction area of the project is 38619 ㎡.There is 1 floor in the civil air defense basement and 6 floors above the ground. Each floor is 4.5 meters high and the total building height is 35.9 meters. 
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